Fishing Clothing Buying Guide

Fishing Clothing Buying Guide

What should you look for when buying fishing clothing?

We reckon it’s pretty simple: the best fishing apparel needs to be camouflaged, UPF-protective and odour-resistant. Ridgeline’s Waterline range has all you need for a successful day out on the water.


Fishing camouflage

Our Squall camo design has been proven effective for fishing. It uses intensive camouflage science and research into piscine vision to keep you invisible to your catch of the day.

The Squall camo pattern from Veil Camo is perfect for river and ocean fishing.

The Lead colour uses a muted greenish-gray colour to mimic the brackish water found in lakes, ponds and other still bodies of water.

UPF protection

Australian fishing often means staying outdoors during some real scorchers. When you’re out on the boat or perched on a shore without much shade, it’s important to wear fishing shirts that protect your skin from the sun. Ridgeline fishing tees are rated for UPF 40+ sun protection, making them great for a day out in the sun. If you’d like even more coverage, opt for the long-sleeved zip top that covers more of your neck and shields your arms from shoulder to wrist - making it great for early morning starts and cool winds too. Make sure to also bring along a pair of sunnies, a broad-brim hat and plenty of sunscreen - maybe even a neketai!

Odour resistance

When you think of your favourite scents, Sweat and fish guts probably don’t come to mind. Avoid lingering unpleasant smells by wearing fishing clothing with odour-blocking technology.

Comfortable fabrics

Fishing isn’t a quick activity that’s over in a half hour. You need fishing clothing to be comfortable enough to wear hours on end. That’s why Ridgeline’s tees are made with stretch grid fabric in a soft brushed knit.

The bottom line

If you choose just one fishing-specific item of clothing to buy for your next fishing trip, opt for a fishing tee. It will protect the largest part of your body from the sun, keep you from overheating or smelling, and allow you to cast and reel without interference. So grab a Ridgeline fishing shirt today and get out on the water in comfort!