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  1. Introducing Kids to Hunting

    Introducing Kids to Hunting

    Time spent with family out in the wild can be an incredible time to bond and pass down provided pivotal lessons for later in life. Introducing your young ones to hunting and the outdoors can be daunting, so we’ve pulled together a few tips and advice from Ridgeline friends.

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  2. Fishing Clothing Buying Guide

    Fishing Clothing Buying Guide

    What should you look for when buying fishing clothing? We reckon it’s pretty simple: the best fishing apparel needs to be camouflaged, UPF-protective and odour-resistant. Ridgeline’s Waterline range has all you need for a successful day out on the water.

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  3. Trout Fishing - Tips From The Pros

    Trout Fishing -  Tips From The Pros
    Make this your best Trout Season yet! Renowned Fishing Journalist and photo grapher Jarrod Day of Spooled Magazine shares his wisdom on lure fishing when it comes to the trout season.
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  4. Gear Guide: Finding the right fleece

    Gear Guide: Finding the right fleece

    You won’t find a good outdoor supplier that doesn’t sell fleece – there’s a reason it’s been an adventure staple for 40+ years!

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  5. Gear Guide Boots

    Gear Guide Boots

    Ridgelines range of boots are all designed and tested for support and durability, whether you’re hunting or hiking, we’ve got a pair that will suit.

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  6. Layer Up

    Layer Up

    Whilst it might seem like the biggest impact on our hunt is your weapon of choice or the pattern of your camo, there’s nothing that will ruin your hunt quite like having the wrong layers.

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  7. Developing the Ridgeline Kahu Bino Case

    Developing the Ridgeline Kahu Bino Case

    Ridgeline Ambassador Rowan Brady was integral to development of the Ridgeline Kahu bino Harness, so we invited him to tell you himself about the process. Have a read and see what really goes on behind the scenes in product development and why the features are chosen.

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  8. Choosing the right Jacket

    Choosing the right Jacket

    With a range of jackets on offer, picking the right one for your needs can be confusing. Our guide will help break it down to find the right one for you.

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  9. Preparing For The Hunt - Checklist

    Preparing For The Hunt - Checklist

    Vehicles  Most of us rely on our vehicle to get from home to where the hunting is, so make sure you give your vehicle the once over before the serious hunting begins.  Apart from general servicing being up to date, it's a good idea to check over your tyres; recovery gear; lighting and electronics - anything that could go wrong out in the bush needs a close inspection!Optics  It's always a good idea to test out your optics and perhaps give them a clean up prior to any hunt.  A quick wipe with lens cleaner and a lintless cloth will do the job. Binocular harnesses should...

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  10. Get Geared Up for the Roar

    Get Geared Up for the Roar
    The year is under way and the rut is fast approaching. Whether you’re new to big game hunting and looking for a full kit out, or you’re a seasoned pro in need of a few gear upgrades, Ridgeline have your back with our Head to Toe recommendations. Here’s all the gear you’ll need for a successful hunt.
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